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How Connecting to a VPN Hides Me From My ISP
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Connecting to the PrivadoVPN network has many advantages, not least being that you are able to hide much of your data from your Internet service provider (ISP). While it can’t hide all of your information, it does hide the vast majority of it.

What Your ISP Sees

There are only a few things that your ISP can tell about your connection when you’re using a VPN.


  1. That you are connected to a VPN server

  2. The amount of data you are transferring

  3. Potentially the time you connected and the port your VPN protocol is using


That’s it.


What Your ISP Can’t See

When you are connected to the PrivadoVPN network, your ISP loses access to the following data that it used to be able to see.


  1. The specific websites you visit, as well as any particular pages and how much time you spend there.

  2. Your browsing and search history

  3. Your downloads through various protocols or unencrypted websites

  4. Any information you type on websites

  5. What you are watching or listening to online

  6. Whether you are gaming and what games you’re playing


Your ISP could use this data to justify throttling your connection (artificially slowing it down), selling your data, or worse. Protecting your data with PrivadoVPN is crucial to online security.


Why Does My ISP Still See Some Information?

Your ISP is how you access the Internet and is a vital part of your online access. Data is grouped together in “packets” which are sent to the correct location. Your ISP normally does this through their servers.


When you connect to PrivadoVPN, however, the only connection that uses your ISP’s servers to send packets is to the VPN server. At that point, the VPN takes care of all of your data transfer needs. And because your information is encrypted, your ISP can’t know what is being sent to and from the VPN server. 


So your ISP can know that you’re connected to a VPN, when, and how you did, but it can’t tell anything beyond that other than the total amount of data you’re using. It has no idea what the content of that data is, or even the type of data.

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