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Privado Sentry for Android
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Privado Sentry is already included in the Android PrivadoVPN app. See How to install PrivadoVPN on Android if you need to install the app. 

1. After you install and run the app, enter your account Username and Password; next switch to the "Sentry" tab:


2. The app will begin to install the latest antivirus databases. The process may take several minutes:

3. As the update is finished, the front panel will be displayed, where you can: 

  • Quick Scan checks only APK files on your device.
  • Full Scan performs a thorough check of all system files.
  • Custom Scan checks the files you select. 


4. The first time you tap on one of the options (Quick, Full, Custom), the app will request access to the files on your device. Click the "Open Settings" button:

Locate the PrivadoVPN app in the list and shift its status to 'ON'. 

5. Now you can go back to the Privado app and start scanning. In the "Total Threats Detected" field you can see the number of malicious files detected on your device. 



6. If malicious files have been detected, you will be prompted to delete them after the scan is complete by clicking the "Fix now" and then "Delete" buttons:



All done!

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us via our Support Form at

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