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Privado Sentry for Windows
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***Privado Sentry™ is available for Windows 10 and above. 


Privado Sentry Installation Guide

Privado Sentry Settings

Uninstall or Reinstall Privado Sentry



Privado Sentry Installation Guide


  1. Please download the Privado Sentry .exe file. Then locate it in your browser’s downloads folder:
  2. Right-click on the Sentry .exe file and click Run as administrator. Next, when the app requests to allow making changes to your device, click Allow:

  3. Click Install and wait for the application to complete the installation: 

  4. Click Complete:

  5. Enter your Privado account Username and Password. If you need to reset your password, click here.  

  6. As you log in successfully, the application will begin to install the latest updates and antivirus databases. The process may take several minutes. 

  7. As the update is finished, the front panel will be displayed, where you can: 

    1. Access the PrivadoVPN client; 
    2. Perform Quick, Full, or Custom scanning of your device;
    3. Access Sentry Settings;
    4. View the date of antivirus Signatures;  
    3. See the dates and results of the last and previous scans;
    4. Review the files in the Quarantine, approve the files from known sources, or repair the infected files. 

    ***If you want to stay informed about the Sentry status in real time, click on the arrow in your PC taskbar, click and hold the green Sentry icon; then drag and drop it near the taskbar arrow:



Privado Sentry Settings 


  1.  Antivirus: 
  • Real-Time Protection works in the background and keeps an eye on your device all the time. We recommend keeping this feature enabled for maximum protection. However, if you only want to use Sentry on demand, you can uncheck this box.
  • Cloud Protection checks files against the newest threats by scanning them on cloud servers. It does this even before the Sentry antivirus database is updated. This feature provides increased protection but may also consume more internet traffic and slow down your device. 
  • Heuristics Level determines how often and how deeply Sentry scans your files. The "Paranoid" level provides the highest level of protection but may also result in more false positive triggers.


  1. Virus Signatures parameter sets your preferred frequency of anti-virus database updates:

  2. Archive Scan sets the maximum size of zipped files that Sentry will inspect. The recursive value determines how many times Sentry will unarchive a file to protect you against a suspected "zip bomb". For a balanced protection level, we recommend the default settings. 

  3. Scans feature provides you with an overview of the history and results of your system's antivirus scanning:

  4. Schedule sets the day and time when Privado Sentry will perform a full system scan or a quick scan of the newest files only:

  5. Exclusions tab sets your preference to bypass specific files, processes, or trusted processes from scanning:

    Click on the arrow and add the file or process you don't want to be scanned:

  6. Application displays information about your Sentry version and lets you choose whether you want to receive automatic or controlled updates for Sentry:

  7. Account is where you securely manage, verify, and copy your account credentials, log out securely, and access the PrivadoVPN. 

  8. Support lets you view and export Sentry app logs and crash reports for further analysis and troubleshooting.



Uninstall or Reinstall Privado Sentry


  1. Click the Search icon on your Windows taskbar, type "apps", then "Privado Sentry", and find the Uninstall option:

  2. Click on the three dots to open the Uninstall option. Confirm whether you wish to Allow Privado Sentry to be uninstalled from your device when prompted. Finish by clicking Uninstall and wait for the operation to complete. 

  3. To reinstall Privado Sentry, address Step 1 of the guide.  
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